Monday, 16 January 2017

All change!

So, new year, new me... well, new platform to host my rambling thoughts on anyway!
Ive enjoyed using Blogger, it has a lot to sell it but I needed to spead my wings, consequently I will now be posting on my exciting new fangled website which has a lot more to offer.

I hope that you too will find it a lot more user friendly and continue to enjoy my posts, please do come and join me here...

Another benefit is I get to show you some of my best photographs of the lovliest plants and in time I'm planning on being able to provide them as lovely little cards. Heres one ive already sent off for printing just waiting to see the results
and if youve been waiting to read Part 2 of the winter garden here it is...
The winter garden-part 2

So thank you Blogger and even more so thank you all you lovely people who have made this part of my journey fun and rewarding. I look forward to hearing from you on my new site!